Workers' Compensation

Following are still shots taken from some of our video surveillance on workers' compensation claims.

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Construction 1

Construction Work

Claimant is caught on video doing construction work the day after a deposition where he claimed he couldn't continue sitting through due to severe back pain.

Construction 2

Construction Work 2

Claimant alleges back injury and yet is able to climb all over the equipment on a job.

Construction 3

Construction Work 3

Claimant alleges back injury from an on the job accident but it doesn't keep him from performing duties on another job.

Changing Tire

Changing a Tire

Claimant alleges a left foot injury and is supposed to be wearing a boot. Seen here springing off of his left foot repeatedly while trying to loosen lugs.

Tire Change

Changing a Tire 2

Claimant alleges left foot injury, seen here showing off his contortionist skills as he spins around off of his left foot.

Driving a Go-Cart

Riding a Go-Cart

Claimant alleges a right shoulder injury, mental anguish, chronic fear, anxiety, depression, emotional turmoil, hyper vigilance, and excessive sensitivity to stimulus, particularly noise.

This claimant was videotaped riding in a go-cart as well as riding on a small dirt bike.