Workers' Compensation

Following are still shots taken from some of our video surveillance on workers' compensation claims.

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Construction 1

Construction Work

Claimant is caught on video doing construction work the day after a deposition where he claimed he couldn't continue sitting through due to severe back pain.

Construction 2

Construction Work 2

Claimant alleges back injury and yet is able to climb all over the equipment on a job.

Construction 3

Construction Work 3

Claimant alleges back injury from an on the job accident but it doesn't keep him from performing duties on another job.

Changing Tire

Changing a Tire

Claimant alleges a left foot injury and is supposed to be wearing a boot. Seen here springing off of his left foot repeatedly while trying to loosen lugs.

Tire Change

Changing a Tire 2

Claimant alleges left foot injury, seen here showing off his contortionist skills as he spins around off of his left foot.

Driving a Go-Cart

Riding a Go-Cart

Claimant alleges a right shoulder injury, mental anguish, chronic fear, anxiety, depression, emotional turmoil, hyper vigilance, and excessive sensitivity to stimulus, particularly noise.

This claimant was videotaped riding in a go-cart as well as riding on a small dirt bike.

Bending Over in Box

Bending into Box

This claimant alleges a lower back injury in his workers' compensation claim, yet he was observed performing manual labor on 2 consecutive days.

This claimant was observed not only bending at the waist as in this photo, but also dragging a double bed mattress, box springs, carrying a large rolled tarp and wooden boxes and pushing a wheelbarrow.

Carrying Roofing Shingles

Carrying Roofing Shingles

This claimant alleges left leg, right shoulder and back injuries.

Note that the roofing shingles are resting on his right shoulder.

Working on Car Engine

Working on Engine

Claimant alleges a back injury resulting in permanent disability. The claimant states that he is unable to ever go back to work.

Mowing Grass

Mowing Grass

This claimant alleges being hurt on the job and now suffers from a severe neck and back injury.

The claimant was observed push mowing his yard, sweeping and picking up clippings. The claimant engaged in yard work for two (2) hours.

Removing Back Brace

Removing Back Brace

Claimant alleges having a back injury. After departing from the doctor’s office the claimant takes off his back brace.

Dumping a Wheelbarrow

Dumping Wheelbarrow

This claimant doesn't appear to have any problem working despite her workers' comp claim.

Lifting Cement Bags

Flinging Cement Bags

This claimant is observed lifting and flinging several bags of dry cement into a wheelbarrow, despite his alleged injuries. His injuries include neck, both hands and carpal tunnel in one wrist.

Working on a Roof

Stretching Out on Rooftop

This claimant has alleged neck and back injuries.

This claimant is observed lying on a roof while turning his neck and back to hammer siding to a residence without any noticeable indication that his has neck and back injuries.

Hanging From Pipe

Still Hangin' On

Even though he has a supposed hip injury, this claimant is observed working and hanging from piping at a worksite.