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Sometimes we do not know the nature of the case we are called to investigate. We may only know the injury that a claimant supposedly has.

Following are still shots taken from actual surveillance video obtained in cases where we do not know how a case is classified.

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Person Wearing and Not Wearing a Neck Brace

Doctor Appointment

Claimant wearing neck brace at doctor appointment.

Insurance required IME to determine extent of claimant's injuries. Seen here with a neck brace on at doctor's appointment and seen without immediately after leaving.

Person Pulling a AC Unit

Pulling AC Unit

This claimant was observed yanking and pulling on this air conditioning unit without difficulty even though he has a back "injury".

Person Smoking Marijuana

Smoking Marijuana

Person Pulling a Dolly

Pulling Dolly

This claimant is able to pull a fully loaded dolly with one arm despite any injuries associated with his claim.

Person Jumping into a Truck

Jumping into Truck

This claimant has back and bulging disc injuries. However, he is still able to jump up into a truck without assistance. He was following the 2 cases of beer that he had just flung into the bed of the truck.

Person Carrying a Heavy Motor

Carrying Heavy Motor

Despite alleged neck and back injuries, this claimant is able to carry a boat motor without any assistance.