Slip and Fall

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Person Carrying Heavy Supplies in Both Hands

Carrying With Both Arms

This claimant has an alleged back injury but is still capable of carrying large, seemingly heavy, items with both arms.

Person Carrying a Cooler Out of the Boat

Lifting Ice Chest

This claimant alleges left ankle and back injuries after a slip and fall accident in a convenience store.

Such an opportunistic claim. The claimant walks into a convenience store and observes water running out from under the cooler and irresistibly slips and falls to the floor. We arrived at the claimant's residence and observed him returning from a fishing trip. The claimant unloaded numerous ice chests and carried them into his garage.

Person Climbing into a Truck

Climbing Into a Truck

The claimant is observed climbing into the rear hatch of a vehicle. Any alleged soft tissue injuries would be hard to believe when the claimant is able to bend and maneuver as shown in this video clip.

Afterward, the claimant was observed carrying bundles of roof shingles up a ladder and onto a rooftop.