Covert Video

We have the ability to go into retail stores, workout facilities, bars and other indoor locations to videotape claimants. This process requires a great deal of savvy on the part of the investigator.

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Person Lifting Standalone Weights


This claimant alleged that he could not work due to a back injury. We videotaped the claimant extensively working out on two (2) consecutive days.

Person Jogging on Treadmill

Covert Video Inside a Workout Facility

Investigator used spy quality covert video equipment without being detected to acquire video of this claimant running on a treadmill with a left foot injury.

Person Inside the Gym Lifting Weights

Covert Inside Workout Facility

Lifting weights.

Claimant alleges a neck injury from an auto accident. Seen here (on the left), she is lifting weights and resting the heavy bar across her neck and shoulders.

Person at the Gym

Covert Video

Video taken inside a workout facility.

Claimant alleges neck, back and brain lesions injuries. Seen here lifting weights with no visible difficulty.