Covert Video

We have the ability to go into retail stores, workout facilities, bars and other indoor locations to videotape claimants. This process requires a great deal of savvy on the part of the investigator.

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Person Lifting Standalone Weights


This claimant alleged that he could not work due to a back injury. We videotaped the claimant extensively working out on two (2) consecutive days.

Person Jogging on Treadmill

Covert Video Inside a Workout Facility

Investigator used spy quality covert video equipment without being detected to acquire video of this claimant running on a treadmill with a left foot injury.

Person Inside the Gym Lifting Weights

Covert Inside Workout Facility

Lifting weights.

Claimant alleges a neck injury from an auto accident. Seen here (on the left), she is lifting weights and resting the heavy bar across her neck and shoulders.

Person at the Gym

Covert Video

Video taken inside a workout facility.

Claimant alleges neck, back and brain lesions injuries. Seen here lifting weights with no visible difficulty.

Person Stretching for a Karate Lesson


This claimant, despite his supposed injuries, was still able to warm-up for his karate session, bending with ease.

Person at Karate Class

Busted Again!

Our claimant (center of photo) is able to perform skilled karate kicks without a problem, despite his purported injuries.

Our investigator obtained this covert video while in the same room as the claimant.

Lady Shopping

Let's Shop!

Back injuries don't stop our claimant from getting her shopping done.

This claimant alleges a back injury and is observed making numerous shopping trips.

Older Lady Shopping

More Shopping

She can no longer shop or drive?

This claimant alleged in her deposition that she can no longer shop or drive due to a severe back injury. We observed the claimant shopping at numerous department stores.

Lady Bowling


Claimant alleges RIGHT wrist and right hand injuries as well as a back injury.

This claimant was able to toss a bowling ball several feet in the air before it landed on the lane. Note the use of her allegedly-injured right hand.

Lady Working Out

Working Out

Claimant alleges shoulder, back, right knee, and right hip injury.

We videotaped the claimant working out on a treadmill for an extended period of time.

Waitress Bussing Tables

Waiting Tables

Using covert video, we were able to video this claimant working as a waitress serving food, carrying plates and busing tables. The claimant complains of low back pain.

Notice how she stretches out her back despite alleged low back pain.

Christmas Shopping

Christmas Shopping

Christmas shopping brings out the best in those (squatting) with alleged back injuries.

The claimant is observed squatting and shopping all day. Due to excellent covert video we picked up a great deal of footage.