Auto Accidents

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Drinking Bear While Golfing


Enjoying a beer while playing golf.

Claimant alleges that he is unable to do ANYTHING.

Person Playing Golf

Playing a Round of Golf

Can Hardly do ANYTHING.

This claimant alleges he is barely able to do ANYTHING. But it appears having a beer and playing a round of golf doesn't count as ANYTHING.

Person Jumping Off a Truck

Auto Accident Claim

Jumping off of a truck flatbed.

This claimant's injuries are unknown but in most surveillance cases for auto accidents, you can assume it's a cervical or lumbar issue. He's obviously not suffering from either.

Person Climbing onto the Truck

Auto Accident Claim

Climbing up onto the flatbed of a truck.

Claimant is climbing up onto the flatbed of the truck using his left arm to hold himself up as he swings his right leg up onto the flatbed.

Person Pushing a Large Lawnmower

Back Injury Claim

Pushing a large riding lawnmower.

Claiming a lower back injury. Seen here with his lower back extended and pushing forcefully on a riding lawnmower.

Moving an Ice Machine off a Truck

Accident Claim

Moving an ice machine.

Claimant alleges injuries to right femur, right wrist, both shoulders, knees, lower back, neck and hip popping. Seen here assisting in loading a large ice machine onto the truck.

Operating a Tractor

Accident Claim

Operating a tractor.

Claimant alleges neck, back, right shoulder, lumbar and herniated disc. Seen here turning his head and neck with apparent ease while operating a tractor.

Person Carrying a AC Unit

Auto Accident Claim

Carrying a window air conditioning unit.

Claimant alleges back, neck and numbness in both hands. Videoed here using both hands to carry a large window A/C unit.

Person Weightlifting

Auto Accident Claim


Claimant alleges neck, back and brain lesions. Our investigator was able to gain access to the work out facility and using a covert camera got video of the claimant working out.

Person Playing Soccer

Play Time

Playing soccer.

Falling and then bouncing right back up while playing soccer. Alleges neck and back problems.

Person Lifting an Adult Female

Lifting an Adult Female on his Shoulders

This guy is claiming a long list of injuries stemming from an auto accident and is unable to enjoy life or work. This picture kind of makes one wonder where these injuries might have really come from.

Popping a Wheelie on a Bicycle

Popping a Wheelie on a Bicycle

Claimant alleges memory loss, lower back pain, right knee injury. Can't walk without a cane. Unable to work or do anything. Hmm-guess bike riding is not strenuous at all.

Carrying a Ladder Over His Head

Carrying Ladder Over Head

Claimant alleges neck and back injury from an auto accident. Seen here carrying a ladder overhead while doing work on a home.